Focus on Enums

Many program languages support a concept called Enumerated Types or better known as Enums. An Enum is a set of named constants that can be used as a type. C# does also support Enums, and the construct is easy to use. But Enums have a few pitfalls that are not obvious and can lead to unexpected behavior. Not obvious is also, that C# supports two different kinds of Enums with slight differences.

Bit Manipulations With C#

C# is a high-level language and therefore one rarely needs to work with single bits. Nevertheless, C# offers all the possibilities to do so. Bit manipulations can be used for many purposes, like with Enums, low level hardware communication or mathematics.

Hello, World!

This is my new blog. I used core, C# and SASS and deployed it with Docker on Azure. Docker is something I’m trying to learn right now, and I use this blog to test the deployment to Azure. It is tradition in software development to greet the world when taking first steps with new technologies. I also need a first article. Therefore, here we go: Hello, World!